5 Tweets That Got the Most Attention

Tweeting is both a skill and an art. Some tweeters have it and some don’t. The good news is that it can be learned, and if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or wannabe celebrity, you’d better take a crash course by looking to the pros for inspiration. There’s always a cream of the crop, which means there are some tweets that got the most favorites and/or re-tweets of all time.

Edison Research recently undertook a study of 1,753 respondents where it was revealed that even though just seven percent of Americans use twitter, 87 percent of Americans know about it. That seven percent is driving the Twitter-verse. The study also showed that 63 percent of users access Twitter via a mobile device (compared to 34 percent accessing other social media sites) and 49 percent of Twitter users prefer Apple devices (compared to 28 percent of the whole US population).

What do these mobile, Apple-loving tweeters love to tweet about? The top-ranked tweets of all time are as eclectic as tweeters themselves.

1. Ellen’s epic Oscar selfie

Of course this celeb-filled allegedly candid selfie was well orchestrated. However, that didn’t stop it from crashing Twitter and becoming the most favorite-d and re-tweeted tweet of all time. With 2,031k favorites and 3,429k re-tweets, the famous Oscar celeb selfie set the bar high—and no other tweet has come close to it (yet).


2. Harry Styles’ “Just sitting around…”

No matter how you feel about it, a One Direction tweet comes in at second place. When Harry Styles tweeted, “Just sitting around being 20,” it drummed up thousands of birthday wishes and had a surprisingly viral effect. The lesson here: Never underestimate the power of teens and tweens. They’re a powerful market and their loyalty is fierce. It got 430k favs and 364k re-tweets.

3. The Man in Black’s Selfie

With the teaser, “OHHHH MY GODDDD I GOT A SELFIEEEEEEEE”, Liam Payne secured his bronze medal for the third most popular tweet of all time. It garnered 413k favs and 335k re-tweets. It’s proof that you don’t need to be a brilliant writer or even know how to turn off the caps key in order to win at the Twitter game.

4. Nial Horan’s Gratitude

To get a popular tweet, you don’t need to stir up drama or have a certain number of celebs in your selfie. When Horan tweeted, “Thank you lads, we’ve had a great time so far, you are family to me now, not just the bandmates. Love you!” it got him solidly into fourth place. The vast majority of Twitter users are between 18-29 years old according to Pew Research, which makes younger celebs a natural fit for the Twitterverse. It got 398k favs and 357k retweets.

5. Zayn Malik

The simple Tweet, “Wicked day yesterday 🙂 xx” went viral at lightning speed. The snapshot that accompanied it of Malik kissing Perrie Edwards was the perfect cute meets “ah” moment that tweeters love. Nothing trumps love, even in the snark-filled world of social media.

For those looking to up their Twitter game, sometimes less is more. Give the people what they want: A little starry-eyed celeb mongering, plenty of cute and some genuine gratitude goes a long way.

Jessica Tyner

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