Boston’s Growth Hacking Breakfast Connects Innovative Marketers

It was 8:00 AM on a Friday morning and the room was already bustling with handshakes, friendly chatter, and the aroma of fresh bagels. Everyone was gathered for a morning of presentations focused on unconventional PR, applied marketing analytics and product development. Strangers became fast accomplices as they sipped coffee and chuckled in satisfying relief, confessing that neither one of them knew what to expect.

This past August, a few dozen marketing professionals and business owners congregated at the Cambridge Innovation Center over breakfast. They were hungry for more than just bagels, though; everyone was eager to learn about growth hacking.

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Growth hacking is an evolving set of related techniques for driving growth for businesses. By it’s nature, growth hacking has only one goal: growth. The hacking concept comes into play because growth hackers must understand technology, product, promotion channels and analytics to devise ingenious tactics for driving growth. They then run experiments to test and measure the effectiveness of these tactics so they can scale up what works.

Growth hacking can be applied to nearly any field and has become a hot topic in the marketing world. But, for many technical marketers and startup founders, it is a daunting process.

The breakfast was created to connect Boston’s marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and growth hacking rockstars to share expertise and success stories in applying growth hacking techniques to marketing fields. Thus, the Growth Hacking Breakfast (GHB) was born: a free, intimate meal where attendees can collaborate and stay on top of the latest trends in online marketing, all while jumpstarting their stomachs and their day.

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As it turns out, the GHB format works well for sharing actionable insight that participants can apply to their own businesses. The August event, sponsored by 10x Growth Hacker, featured three speakers who shared specific growth hacking tactics, including FaceBook advertising and unconventional PR, that worked for them. The event sold out within the first week, leaving many on the waitlist. The feedback from attendees has been positive. Future events will follow a similar format.

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