Facebook PPC Case Study

The Challenge

Our client is an invention kit for K-12 students. They recently concluded a very successful Kickstarter campaign. They needed to establish their target audience and begin generating sales leads for their product quickly. Chimaera Labs generated demand with Facebook and Instagram pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

The Solution

To quickly ramp up demand for this product, we examined Facebook and Instagram advertising to bring large amounts of traffic to the client’s website at an affordable cost-per-click (CPC).

The Research

First, we identified Facebook as the best PPC advertising channel to produce a high volume of sales leads. Our team researched target audiences, interests and demographics in conjunction with an examination of competitors’ ad copy, landing pages, messaging, offers and bidding strategies. This process included the following:

  • » Audience Targeting – We looked beyond the obvious demographics that marketers use to find customers to identify the audience that was the most likely to buy. To do this, we utilized the clients’ large email list from their Kickstarter campaign to make a “Lookalike” audience of their ideal customers.
  • » Competitive Intelligence – We examined the messaging, and positioning of our client’s competitors. Also, we analyzed competitors’ ad copy, “asks,” and landing pages to expand our understanding of the marketing tactics in use.
  • » Messaging Discussion – We led discussions with our client’s marketing team to determine messaging alternatives for testing and use in PPC advertising.
  • » Copy writing – We generated new ad content for testing with PPC advertising that directly targeted the high value customers we had previously identified in our campaign. In this case, we focused on teachers and administrators at schools who are most likely to make large orders.
  • » Landing Page Creation – By working with the client, we created engaging landing pages that retained the brand’s voice while maximizing conversions from visitors.

We found and resolved issues with missing content, inbound links pointing to 404 pages, and messy redirect chains, all resulting from the CMS migration.


Campaign Launch

Launched Facebook PPC campaigns to test the messaging alternatives and different audiences that we created.

Optimize Campaign Targeting

Uncovered the data sources by analyzing the performance of the client’s previous campaigns, current situation, and competition.

Test the Messaging Alternatives

Split tested the newly created messaging in both ad copy and landing page copy.

Optimize Landing Pages

Implemented the optimized landing page test plan developed through user testing.


Through thorough research and successful execution of the PPC advertising campaign, we were able to generate over 800 qualified leads for our client at a cost of less than $.50 per lead. These leads were used to help transition the company through its period of sudden growth and establish a steady demand for their sales team.

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