Google Analytics Implementation
Case Study

The Challenge

Our client built inexpensive, web-based product design and simulation software that makes product simulation resources available to small and medium sized engineering teams. They needed to measure product sales and usage for each marketing acquisition channel (organic, email, social media and multiple pay-per-click platforms) to inform their online marketing strategy. Their current analytics system consists of three separate systems that cannot determine which marketing channels are delivering users with the most revenue or product engagement.

The Solution

Chimaera Labs integrated their web-based product, CRM software and Google Analytics using Data Layer JavaScript, Google Tag Manager and Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics. This platform allowed reporting based on a unified source of marketing, product, sales and financial information.


Analytics platform implementation is a foundational step to building a platform for growth and experimentation. Accurate reporting tailored to our client’s business objectives allowed them to determine the ROI of their campaigns, compare results from multiple channels and allocate resources appropriately. Chimaera Labs initiated a discussion of our client’s business goals and then implemented an analytics platform and reporting framework designed to accomplish the following:

  • » Establish goals and metrics to evaluate performance based on business goals
  • » Generate clear, actionable reporting and analysis for management
  • » Develop reporting to determine the ROI of online marketing initiatives
  • » Integrate revenue reporting by acquisition channel
  • » Establish conversion tracking and web page funnel analysis capabilities
  • » Track and report all online campaigns in one system (e.g. organic search, email, pay-per-click)
  • » Implement reporting dashboards for daily/weekly performance monitoring
  • » Measure customer acquisition cost for all online channels


Analytics Planning

  • Discussion of business goals, KPIS and upcoming online marketing campaigns
  • Identification of all marketing systems involved in the GA integration
  • Planning the analytics reporting necessary to support the goals

Page Tagging

  • Implementation of Google Analytics tags to integrate the systems using Google Tag manager and JavaScript
  • Implementation of GA event codes
  • Testing to ensure the integration is functioning properly

System integration and reporting setup

  • Tag manager setup and Google Analytics account configuration
  • Custom dimensions planning and setup
  • Creation of GA goals, segments, funnel goals, custom reports and dashboards
  • Chimaera Labs trained our clients staff on how to use the new reports


We successfully created an analytics platform that attributes sales revenue and product usage to each customer acquisition channel. The reports we developed are used by the client’s executive team to make business decisions. This allowed the client to identify and focus on the pay-per-click advertising channel that was driving the most engagement and sales, then optimize its performance to double the number of qualified leads generated.

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