Keyword Research

Case Study: Our Keyword Research Process

The Challenge

Our client, a company focused on recruiting students for U.S. based schools of nursing, is in a highly competitive industry, so they struggled with getting more traffic and leads. They asked Chimaera Labs to help boost their exposure in search results and bring in qualified leads.

The Solution

Identify highly targeted keywords that our client’s prospects are searching and that their competitors have missed.


We designed a five-part strategy to drive traffic that converts into leads:

Learn about the business, industry, related topics, and use cases through comprehensive research using multiple data sources.

(Client web analytics, client AdWords, competing AdWords campaigns, online forums, whitepapers, and articles.)

Identify use cases for the products/services offered.

This client had several different products, so we made sure to research keywords and use cases for each individual product. We also made sure to understand who would search for each product and why.

Analyze key competitors.

We used competitive analysis tools to grab keywords from our client’s competitors’ AdWords campaigns.

Expand our set of targeted keywords to include location-specific searches.

We found that searchers used state names and state abbreviations in their queries (e.g. psychiatric nursing schools in florida).

Analyze every keyword according to:

  • Search Volume: How many people use this search phase on a monthly basis?
  • Competition: How tough is the organic search competition for this keyword?
  • Relevance: How relevant is the keyword to lead generation in healthcare?
  • Search Intent: Is the searcher actively searching for lead generation services in healthcare?

We prioritized keywords by search volume, competition, and relevance. In particular, we needed to understand which search queries our client’s prospective customers were using to find lead generation services.

Through these 5 steps, we found high-volume keywords that had low competition and were actively used by searchers who were in the market for our client’s services.


By targeting the keywords we identified in our research we achieved
6X growth in leads in just 12 months.

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