SaaS PPC Case Study

SaaS PPC Case Study

The Challenge

Our client is a SaaS software company that provides behavioral marketing analytics solutions for B2C marketers. They needed to increase their volume of qualified sales leads. Chimaera Labs was brought in to quickly build their user base with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

The Solution

To quickly ramp up an effective PPC advertising campaign, we examined AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn advertising to generate an increase in sales leads.

We executed the project in two phases, starting with research and then moving on to execution.

Research Phase

First, we identified AdWords as the best PPC advertising channel to produce a high volume of leads. Our team researched high value keywords and examined competitors’ landing pages, ad copy, messaging, offers and bidding strategies. This process included the following:

Keyword research – To identify high value keywords, we looked beyond the obvious keywords that marketers use to find marketing analytics tools by evaluating keywords in related spaces and thoroughly examining competing AdWords campaigns. We segmented and prioritized the keywords based on competition, search volume, and expected cost-per-click (CPC).

Competitive intelligence – We examined the messaging, positioning and keyword targeting of our client’s competitors. Also, we analyzed competitors’ ad copy, and landing pages to expand our understanding of the marketing tactics in use.

Messaging discussion – Our team participated in messaging discussions with our client’s marketing team to determine the messaging alternatives to test with PPC advertising.

Copy writing – We drafted ad copy alternatives to test with PPC advertising focusing on messaging that appeals to marketers at midsize and large companies engaged in online B2C marketing.

AdWords account setup – Based on our extensive PPC experience across a range of industries and campaign goals, we built new campaigns using appropriate ad copy, targeting, and bidding strategies. Also, we determined campaign key performance indicators (KPIs) to track during campaign execution and set up ongoing reporting and analysis processes.

Analytics setup – We helped implement an analytics platform, including user account integration to track lead outcomes, landing page conversion tracking and CRM integration. We set up our client’s Google Analytics account, landing page tracking codes and SalesForce account integration.

Landing page design – We created landing pages based on the messaging alternatives we identified earlier and optimized them for conversion.

Landing page test plan – Chimaera wrote a test plan, including test hypotheses, prediction of the duration of tests, prioritization and execution for many landing page alternatives. The number of landing pages tested was determined by the amount we expected to generate based on our advertising budget and search volume for targeted keywords.

The Challenge

1) Campaign Launch

We launched the AdWords campaigns to test the messaging alternatives and landing page variations we had created.

2) Optimize campaign targeting

We uncover the data sources needed to solve your problem by analyzing the performance of your previous campaigns, your current situation, and your competition.

3) Test the messaging alternatives

We split tested the messaging in ad copy and landing page copy.

4) Optimize landing pages

We implemented the landing page test plan developed during the first phase.


Through thorough research and successful execution of the PPC advertising campaign, we were able to drive a 4x increase in lead volume for our client. The highly qualified leads drove sales that provided the client with enough momentum to raise another round of funding and hire a full time employee to continue the work that we started. Chimaera labs worked with the client to transition management of the successful campaigns to the client’s internal resource.

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