Tech Savvy Mortgage Company

Case Study: Tech-savvy Mortgage Company

The Challenge

Our client is a tech-savvy mortgage company whose search engine traffic had stagnated. They knew that their customers were mostly online, and they needed to tap into this channel to grow their business. They called Chimaera Labs to generate more qualified mortgage leads from organic search traffic.

The Solution

Better website architecture and more targeted content.

We restructured our client’s website to feed the most compelling content to search engines. Then, we conducted extensive research about prospects who are actively-shopping for a mortgage. Finally, we generated a lot of highly-targeted content on a consistent schedule to drive and convert traffic into mortgage leads.

OUR STRATEGY: A three-part strategy to drive traffic

We designed a three-part strategy to drive traffic that converts into mortgage leads:

Fix and restructure client website to boost search engine rankings

After a thorough SEO audit, we found and fixed issues with the website’s architecture, including:

Duplicate title tags and meta description

We created a unique title tag and meta-description tag for every page on our client’s website. We also crafted compelling meta description tags to increase the click-through rate for our client’s content on the search results pages.

Duplicate Content

We found and fixed duplicate content that was posted on our client’s blog. We also fixed improperly redirected subdomains, which were hurting search engine rankings.

Website bug

We found and fixed a bug in the custom code behind our client’s website. This bug was preventing the website from generating proper metadata for search engines.

Create compelling, targeted web content that reels in leads

Know your target customer

Before we could create the right content, we had to know who we were targeting and how they used the internet to search for a mortgage.

Our research included:

  • Interviews with loan officers to understand customer concerns and priorities,
  • Keyword research to identify the most common search terms used by mortgage loan shoppers, accumulating 80,000 keywords for analysis of the real intent behind their search patterns, and
  • Customer analysis to understand patterns in mortgage shoppers’ buying behavior.

Target customers all search online for mortgage information, but they may be at different stages in the mortgage buying process. We developed targeted content for prospects at every stage of the buying process in a variety of formats and published on a number of websites.

This extended our client’s audience beyond their own website and generated conversation around it, driving and converting traffic into mortgage leads. Content highlighted our client’s strengths, such as industry expertise and competitive rates, and include blogs, Q&A articles, expert interviews, financial calculators, and videos.


A major aspect of our content strategy was getting our client accepted into Google News to drive higher traffic to their site. We created a new blog on their website that was designed to be ‘Google News material’. It worked, and our client’s content was featured in Google News search results, which can be particularly difficult for commercial companies.


We also found that our client’s existing blog was overwhelming, so we split it into three focused blogs: a main blog featuring mortgage news and company updates, another on mortgage rates, and a third for Q&A articles offering mortgage advice. This added more content to the website as a whole without cluttering one blog.

Performance Optimization

Tracking the performance of every piece of content is important for:

  1. Measuring the ROI of content by content type, author, promotion strategy, and promotion channel, and,
  2. Iteratively optimizing the content marketing campaigns as we discover which content types and topics perform the best.

For every piece of content on our client’s website, we tracked a couple dozen performance metrics each month, including unique visitors, Google page rank, conversions, average visit duration and average number of page views on our client’s website. By tracking what did and did not work well, we were able to consistently optimize our client’s content.


After fixing the technical issues and generating targeted content,
we achieved 4X growth in organic traffic and mortgage leads.

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