Content Portfolio

Content Marketing Portfolio

We invite you to take a look at some of our content marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing Campaign

New England Premiere’s A Student’s Guide to Living with Roommates – This content was developed to promote a Boston based real estate firm.

Lead Nurturing Campaign

The Tenant Screening Guide for Rent Pay Express – This guide was designed to appeal to landlords and generate leads for our client’s software.

Link Building Campaign

A Student’s Guide to Living with Roommates – This content earned links from university “.edu” websites and other trusted sources.

eBook Marketing Campaign

Effective Email Marketing ebook – A lead generation tool for a client targeting email marketers.

Financial Services

Excerpt: For homeowners who want to generate a considerable amount of cash in a short period of time, cash-out refinancing is an option worth considering. This type of transaction uses existing home equity as leverage and can be beneficial for people in certain situations.
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Excerpt: After graduating from the University of Florida last year, I moved more than 1,200 miles north to Boston. With the blood of the North (i.e., of my Michigander ancestors) flowing through my veins, I thought I could handle the cold.
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Health Care

Excerpt: After more than three decades of using the same diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer’s disease, recent research yielded a new set of standards for diagnosis. This new criteria impacts treatment strategies and offers hope for improving patient outcomes, according to medical experts in “Alzheimer’s Disease in 2015: Diagnosis and Management Across the Disease Spectrum,” a CME video presentation for the virtual education summit, NeuroSeriesLive.
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Excerpt: Even with gas prices falling across most of the country, most of us would still like to get the most miles for our money. There is quite a bit of advice out there on ways to increase the number of miles per gallon (MPG), but let’s take a look at a few that will save you the most money.
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Real Estate

Excerpt: There are a lot of smaller expenses and costs that many buyers don’t think about until they’re left holding the bill. Be sure to account for all the money you’ll need to completely cover what you’ll be responsible for when you calculate whether or not you can afford homeownership.
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