About Us

We’re the agency no one else would build.

Our founder started out as a tech entrepreneur with a background in artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. When he looked for a digital marketing agency to grow his first business, he was disappointed; everyone just wanted to experiment with his money and wait to see what would work.

It was all a bunch of trial and error and “creative” fluff. Which is not the way you want to spend your budget.

He knew he was on his own, so he designed a systematic approach—driven by data—to generate a predictable ROI.

It worked for his business, and, now, it’s worked for his clients.

That’s how we got here – but what’s more important is where we can help your business go: Qualified leads, more traffic, and increased revenue through calculated online marketing.

Why You’ll Love Working With Us:

We know tech

We’ve focused on tech companies for years and spent a lifetime in technology beforehand, so we know the challenges of the space and we know what works.

Data defines our process

Our strategy is based on data. We know where to get it, what data to trust, and how to transform raw numbers into actionable insights that make your business money.

Evergreen Campaigns

We design search and content marketing strategies that generate returns—both now and in the long-term. Our work won’t just benefit you this month, but also for the many months to come.

There’s no challenge (or website) too large

We’ve brought success to sites with 20 pages – and 20,000,000 pages, too. The evidence is in the numbers: we’re equipped to handle any sized site.

We’re on top of it

Whether it’s speaking at conferences, monitoring industry developments, or conducting internal research of our own, we’re always at the forefront of any developments in search, so you’ll never need to worry about getting left behind.

We’ve got the track record to prove it

With millions of dollars generated for our clients, we’re confident we can do the same for you.

Our Team:

Dale Bertrand

President, Director of Online Marketing

Drew Frayre

Digital Marketing Analyst

Steve McAveeney

Senior Consultant

Brittany Pennellatore

Digital Marketing Analyst

Silvia Dalla Torre

Marketing Strategist

Helen McCue


Kara Tardif

Digital Marketing Analyst

Timothy Dickens

Digital Marketing Analyst

Our Process:

Once we’ve understood your problem and confirmed that we can solve it, our work follows a proven 6-step process. Here’s what you can expect:

1) We clearly identify target KPIs

In order to deliver ROI, we focus on specific KPIs that have a direct impact on your revenue.

2) We find the right data

We uncover the data sources needed to solve your problem by analyzing the performance of your previous campaigns, your current situation, and your competition.

3) Research your competition

How do you distinguish yourself from all the noise? We know what’s working in the tech industry and we’ll apply it to your business: what are the proper promotion channels, who commands the attention of your audience, how can you outrank your competitors, and what opportunities are for the taking.

4) Pull insights from relevant data to solve your problem

We don’t use cookie cutter analyses of data. Our process is customized to your business objectives and driven by data to uncover the specific analysis needed to solve your problem.

5) Build custom campaigns based on insights from the data

Now that we’ve done all our homework, we understand the right strategy for you and can build a powerful campaign that’s customized to meet your goals.

6) Measure results to optimize your campaign

After we launch the campaign, we continue to take a systematic approach to optimize your results over time.

Our Promise:

  • To be reachable whenever you have questions
  • To let the data do the talking
  • To provide frequent, transparent reporting
  • To be nonsense-free

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We can’t wait to make your business our next success story.